Nasty Spider Bite, Pretty Hair!

I had a hard time deciding what I was supposed to look at – the spider bite being squeezed on the cheek (yeow!) or the guy’s highlighted hairdo (wow!)! The pus is slow to exit, but the popping technique is appropriate for the painful location of the infection. When I was growing up and living in the country, in the quintessential musty dusty barely updated farmhouse, I had my share of spider’s sinking their fangs into my face. The cheek bites were the most tender and painful to drain.

I did like the steam method of trying to either help draw the infection up or possibly soften the scab over the wound. Usually we have seen warm compresses, or sometimes the idiotic opposite… I never could get the whole “icing” a cyst before popping. I mean, yes, it will numb an area for a moment, but it is more appropriate for a gaggle of giggling teens performing shaky DIY ear piercings, not long, drawn out pus draining.

Overall, the camera work is decent, the pus fair, and two pops and a twist for home decorating!

So, is this as opposite as I can get from the “deceased bull pus explosion”? lol Enjoy, my fellow popologists! And, if you don’t mind, give a little prayer to the wind for some really down and dirty huge pus popping extravaganzas?? ;P

~ H.S.

“Popping My Spider Bite” Uploaded to YouTube by jcfumar on Apr 28, 2011

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