How To Add A Video

Ok this is the biggest thing I get asked!! How do I add a video.
First off if you have your own video then CLICK HERE and let me know via the contact form and I will set up a way for you to get me that video.

If it is from another site it is pretty simple. First you need to be a member of the site. If your not… what is wrong with you? CLICK HERE

If you are a member… YOU ROCK! You can Click Here or look up at the top right and click on your username.

OK you are now in your profile. This is where you can change your avatar, send private messages etc. This is also where you post videos and pictures.

See where it says Posts in the top left? Click that and then hit Add New.
You are now into the Add New Post window. Pretty self explanatory.

Add a **ZIT**le to your post and then a description. Most importantly a link to the video. If it is a picture then you will see where it says Upload/Insert. Click on the square next to it and select the picture you would like to upload. Once you have all that in there, I will take over and clean it up and approve it, if it is not a re-post.

** Some Tips –

Please don’t just add a **ZIT**py **ZIT**le and a link to the video. Be descriptive, have fun with it. A lot of times there are multiples of the same videos added. I am going to submit the one that has the best content. This is your chance to let the m**ZIT**es know about your zit love 😉

That’s about it. As always just let me know if you have any issues.

Keep on poppin!!


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