H.S.’s Quick Guide to Posting *UPDATED*


UPDATED on 08/23/2012. All future Editions will have the latest Revision Date at the top. 🙂

Hello, **ZIT**o, and hi friends, fans, new popheads and to all Popologists!!!

This is to help current posters brush up, and perhaps make things a bit easier. For new posters, it is essential that you master these tips and tricks. Since we have been growing at exponential rates, we have decided to redo some of the requirements for posting to allow for more equitable division of the “golden gems” that sometimes come in waves, and also hopefully make taking a post from submission approval to live publishing more streamlined!

Some of these changes may seem strange – I remain open to questions, ideas – anything to help improve our community enjoy more new videos than ever – every single day!

Just Pop It!
~ H.S.
(remember to include your real name & your PTZ name when e-mailing or using the Contact Form, it helps! Thanks!!)



There are a few things to learn before you make your next post, or your first post, depending on how long you have been a member of PTZ. I will try and keep this simple and straightforward.

1. Any Post Submission that is not completely filled out according to the directions below may be denied or possibly p**ZIT**ed over for a properly completed form. Most of the time, it is 1st in is published. There are some exceptions, so please, try and be understanding.

2. These are things that cannot be posted to PopThatZit.com:
Nudity – female **ZIT**, male or female genitals, male or female behinds. The gray area? Some *ahem* **ZIT** cleavage or partial **ZIT**ocks may be acceptable – final decision does rest with PTZ Admins.

3. IMPORTANT! No more than TWO submissions PER DAY by any member. This will allow some of the newer members to have an opportunity to post videos that are sometimes scooped by PTZ’s more seasoned, experienced Video Miners. This hopefully will also reduce backlogs.

4. NO UPLOADS. Any post that contains uploaded videos or pictures may be subject to immediate rejection. All thumbnails are created by the Admins, and any video which requires uploading will be done by Admins to ensure appropriate file format and reduce any chance of viruses.

5. EXCLUSIVES: If you have a video which was made by you and you would like to submit it to PTZ for possible payment, and you have *not* previously posted it to YouTube, then contact Emilbus20, owner of PTZ, or H.S., PTZ Site Admin. You can do that by >>>CLICKING HERE<<< or e-mail H.S. at halph_staph@yahoo.com. We welcome member created videos!!! 🙂

6. Please, do not blast, criticize, make rude comments about, or in any way demean the subjects in the video you are submitting. There are ways of saying “The camerawork sucks” in a much kinder way… “The camerawork leaves a bit to be desired, but the amount of pus is clearly seen and well worth viewing.” Always try and compliment the video originators. Remember – without these people making videos, we’d have NOTHING to watch! So please be very respectful, so that they continue to make more videos, and furthermore, can be excited about their video being chosen to post on PTZ.

7. No HTML code, please. We have pre-defined codes we can use, so it helps to save time if you do not try and code it yourself. Most are trying to help, which is of course appreciated, but 99% of the time, your hard coding work is deleted. As is over quoted… “Just the facts…” 😉

How to Submit a Video

1. To get to the Submission Form, >>>CLICK HERE<<< (unless you already know how to navigate there. I have a slightly different Nav Bar, so this should avoid confusion)

2. What information you need in order to submit a video: The URL, the Original Name, the username of the Original Poster, the date it was first posted, the name of the site you got the video from.

3. Here is what you do with that info! Click on each picture for the Full Sized Version (or haul out your Granny readin’ gl**ZIT**es, I have mine!!!)


People tend to stumble when it comes to these Categories. However, it really is simpler than you may fear! The same thing goes for Tags in the next section.

For Categories, simply choose the one to three categories your video best fits in with.

For example, a cyst on the back of the neck treated at the hospital – you might check mark the following:

Cyst Video
“Neck Zit Video” (because we don’t have body part categories for cysts)
Surgical Procedure


Tags **must include** at minimum these two items – ORIGINAL VIDEO NAME and ORIGINAL — USERNAME of the poster as used on YouTube (or other video site).

This **ZIT**ists other posters by allowing someone to quickly browse the Pending list to see if a video they are considering submitting hasn’t already been submitted by someone else.

So if your YouTube video is called “Epic Huge World’s Biggest Pimple” and was put up by MissEverythingIsBiggest, then you would enter the following in the tag text box:

Epic Huge World’s Biggest Pimple, MissEverythingIsBiggest

If you are kind enough to fill in some more descriptive words, which is generally considered part of a complete submission, then remember, every tag word OR phrase needs to be separated by a comma. So… a complete Tags entry would look like this when typed in:

Epic Huge World’s Biggest Pimple, MissEverythingIsBiggest, pimple, pop, pus, leg, hairy leg, squirt, flying pus

**A small hint in choosing Tags – never use a single word like “pimple” more than three times on its own or in a phrase, like pus, squirting pus, **ZIT** pus BUT you can use pop and popping each three times. Just a handy dandy search engine trick – if a word is overused, they might consider it spam.**

This is what it should look like:

Guess what? You are DONE! Well, except for clicking on the **ZIT**on to Submit your completed form for Pending Review.


DO NOT fill in anything else on the form – especially the SEO Section. That is for staff to deal with.

This is what your completed and submitted post will look like in the Pending list – notice the information, and how easy it will be to scan and see if anyone else has beat you to that shiny gem of a pus post?

Some last tidbits and such to keep in mind:

1. Choose Wisely.
Don’t just go nuts submitting anything with a speck of pus. Truly think about what you would get excited about seeing. Try to keep submissions around 2-3 when there isn’t a huge backlog. Yes, sometimes you may have a 4th video, but if you find 15 in one night, Bookmark the ones you don’t submit and revisit them. LOL – You should see how HUGE my Bookmark file is!!!!

2. No Nudity!
No **ZIT**, frontal male or female genitalia, no full moon **ZIT**ocks and especially no **ZIT** orifices! Kids do watch, although we also encourage parents to check around them when visiting the site.

3. Warnings
If you are submitting something you feel may disturb some viewers, be it graphic surgery or animal oriented pus videos, you can include a gently worded Warning at the top, before you write your intro. But if you aren’t sure, you know that I or Emil will add one if necessary.

4. Loudness, Small children crying, Foul language
You may want to consider adding a “Mute might be advised” somewhere in the introduction/description, but it is not required.

5. Checking the Archives
ANY video posted with an originating date after January 13, 2011 can be found by doing a PTZ search using either the Original Title or Original Poster User Name. I have tried to make sure that this information is ALWAYS included, to avoid repeating videos. Also, prior to March 2010 on YouTube, you can sometimes click on the little graph under the video player on YouTube, and this will bring up statistics, which will usually show if a video has been posted to popthatzit.com or not.
But this is not foolproof. Try your best!

6. Multiple Videos – Series or Same Poster and Same/Similar Subject
You can submit several videos in one form. Just list the video URL’s in order oldest to newest. Even if there are 10 in the series, it is okay. This is better than submitting each one seperately – unless the second or third video hasn’t been released yet – but in that case if you submitted the first one, you can submit the “follow-up” in a new form, or request that I update the original posting

7. And Final, I promise! When your video is not accepted… I put the reason in parentheses in the Title text Box before your chosen **ZIT**le, and then it will be in the Trash folder.

1. On the Main Page, in your top grey navigation bar – under “Dashboard” you should find “New Post”. Click on that, which brings up the Add a Post Submission Form.

2. Look to the left, you will see just under the heading “POSTS” the first choice is “All Posts”. Click it – and there you are! The Complete Archival Videos Table!

3. Great for searching to find out if anyone has already submitted a video, just by Clicking on “Pending” (everything in this column is listed from the earliest date first to the most recent submission last) and…

4. Click on “Trash” to see if your video has been rejected, and you will be able to read the reason why. This column runs the other direction, most recent videos placed in Trash first and earliest still in the Trash floder last. We do clean out both “Drafts” and “Trash” periodically, but never delete the entire list. Usually we leave up to one month’s worth… but sometimes only two weeks if the folders are very full.

If your video does not get published, please don’t take anything personally. It happens to us all! 😉 But I am here for questions, so don’t hesitate.

PHEW! Thank you all so much! I really hope this will suffice to get our current, newer miners/posters on the right track, plus allow others to begin posting – since it really is fun and pretty straightforward.

Umm… I already did my signature at the top so, err, I’d like to thank Emil for hiring me for this dream job, and a big thanks to all the posters – I personally know how much work and effort goes into finding and submitting videos! Then finally, thanks to EVERYONE in our community/family – PTZ is a great place to be!!!

  • 5 Ways to Beat Digestion Related Acne

    One of the most significant and obvious root causes of acne is digestion. A slow or bad digestion system contributes to inflammation and immune system problems which causes digestion related acne.

    You need to make sure that you are eating healthy food followed by healthy eating habits to keep your immune system working properly. If you have reason to believe that your digestive system is always upset, we have listed down some ways to improve this part of your body.

    5 Simple Ways to Beat Digestion Related Acne

    Stop Rushed and Stressed Eating

    Did you know that when you are stressed, your body automatically shifts into fight or flight mode? It is basically the body’s way to tell your brain that you are in danger.

    When you are in this mode, your body treats digestion as a secondary thing. After all, surviving comes first so it just doesn’t digest the food properly. 

    Things get worse if you suffer from chronic stress. If the stress continues for many days, your body basically shuts down the digestion process and it starts to take a toll on your body.

    This is why when your digestive system isn't working, you’ll come across digestion-related acne. So try your best to reduce stress from your life. Take a walk, join a yoga class, meet friends, play some video games, do whatever that relaxes stress. 

    There’s one more thing you need to keep an eye out for - eating slowly. Give your body the time to work with food, don’t stuff it with everything you find on the table, it only puts the body at stress.

    If you’re going to gobble down tons of food in a matter of minutes, whether it's healthy or junk, your body will just not digest it properly. And when digestion is not working properly, toxins tend to stay in your body causing inflammation that results in dull skin, redness, and acne breakouts.

    So relax! Eat slowly and let it heal your body.

    Increase Stomach Acid

    Stomach acid is very important if you want your digestive tract to tear down food properly. After all, it needs time and juices to break down food and absorb all the nutrients. Try to hydrate your stomach by drinking a glass of water at least half an hour before a meal.

    If that doesn’t work, you can try adding a bit of Apple cider vinegar to the mix and it’ll get the bile juices flowing. 

    You could also take a mix of spices before any meal to kickstart the digestive process before the food goes in. Anything from coriander seed, cardamom, ginger, fennel seed or cumin will work. You can also find these in supplement form.

    Stop Eating When You’re 80% Full

    Overeating can cause digestion related acne
    Overeating can cause digestion related acne

    Never ever overstuff yourself with food. You tend to eat more than required when you skip meals or snacks. Have a 5 meal schedule to make sure that you are getting plenty of food. This will stop overeating too. 

    Some people have a natural thing for overeating. They eat fast and they keep stuffing their mouth with food until they can’t breathe. Try to get rid of this problem by eating slowly. The brain requires at least 15 minutes to register the food that is in your belly. So take plenty of time to eat and it will naturally stop you from overstuffing. 

    About 90% of people who overstuff themselves with food get digestion related acne. So next time you’re eating, think about it and slow down.

    Stop Wearing Tight Pants

    Wearing tight clothing such as skin-fitted jeans and other tights is a great way to show your body’s attractiveness. But did you know that if your pants are too tight, they’re practically sucking in your stomach which reduces its ability to digest food properly?

    If you can’t give up on tight and fitted clothing, at least give your stomach some breathing air while you are eating. This will really help your body digest food quickly and easily.

    Change Your Eating Habits

    Healthy digestion is often only possible when you are eating healthy food. So start by making changes to your eating habits. Instead of going for burgers, try grilling some patties at home and eat them with vegetables.

    Drop that soda and replace it with water or other detox drinks. Make these changes gradually and your body will thank you forever. You’ll also notice a significant improvement in digestion related acne.

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