Category: Face Zit Videos

Cheesy Face Cyst

This cyst is situated right directly in the middle of the face, and it’s a big cheesy one! The popper wears gloves, thank goodness because...

Small zit, lots of reward

A spa treatment video that I don’t think we’ve posted here yet. Seemingly a very small zit, but a lot comes out. The only problem...

Whitehead Removal

Here are some white head extractions with some glorious sebum coming out. The whole procedure doesn’t seem like the most sanitary thing I’ve ever seen,...

Don’t Flinch!

These contestants are competing to see who can watch gross zit videos the longest. I know most of us could win, no problem!...

That’s a hard nut to crack!

A hard cyst on the cheek takes quite a lot of squeezing but tons of sebum squirts out.

Just The Pops #12

This is a compilation of vids you’ve seen before. But better. A Pop Fan got sick of seeing gloves covered with pus and plugs, with...

How much is that in fluid ounces?

Not an abscess, it’s just sebum and blood (and a little fibrin for stringy-ness). There’s still that one in that one spot leftover though….

Keep squeezing

A nice removal of a big bump. A bit too short, though.