Jimmy’s Bumps….the End

Jimmy had 2 cysts on his neck. On on the back was the size of a rubber ball. In a 25 minute video, someone squeezed it out through a hole made with a safety pin. Very thick contents coming out as a tiny thread. I thought I’d spare you.
Jimmy’s other cyst was on the side of his neck quite close to the size of a golf ball. With his shaved head and lean figure, it’s a wonder he carried on with these bumps so long.
The second cyst, the bigger, was attacked with better strategy – a bigger hole. The contents are also thick and there’s lots in there, thus another long video.
I submit to you the last few minutes of the video where they remove the sac. It’s rather nice.

If you like, you can use the YouTube link to go back to the original poster and see the 1 hour + original videos to experience every thrilling moment along with unnecessary use of a comodone extractor

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