Stubborn Bacne

Haven’t been around for awhile, but I thought I’d drop a line with this video – it is a long one, so here are some viewing tips:

1. Pretend it is an exercise in patience
2. Devise at least ten reasons why this bacne inclusion (it looks weird to me) is being so difficult. It sure doesn’t act like a traditional cyst!
3. Watch two videos at once?
4. Oh, and Dramamine might be required, there is more than some movement, but not the worst by far – lots of good shots to lessen the pain… Not everyone is Scorsese out of the box!

I like the perseverance, and what she ends up teasing and tweezing out of the thing makes it all worthwhile in the end. Hope some of ya out there are like me, so “genieten”!

“Popping a back cyst on my step dad on fourth of July.”

RUNTIME: 10min 33sec

TITLE: “Back Cyst”
YT INFO:Published on Jul 4,2012 by Kyla Vick

  • for acne rosacea

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