Russ Hamstring – Fun With Comedones!

Two new videos from PTZ favorite Microscopic Zit Extracting Videographer (say that ten times fast! lol!), Russ has a little fun with his editing software… so great ready to git your poppin’ groove on! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks, Russ!!


HARLEM SHAKE (Dancing Zit Edition)
Just as it says. Just for fun. A quick video I made.

RUNTIME: 0min 47sec

COMEDONE (Whitehead) EXTRACTIONS in REVERSE Under Microscope CRAZY!!
In this video I reversed the extractions of whiteheads for an interesting effect. I hope you enjoy.

RUNTIME: 2min 49sec

YT INFO: Videos Published on Feb 18 & 19,2013, respectively, by RussHamString

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