Pimple Pop Surprise

Forgive me if the **ZIT**le sounds like one of those c**ZIT**eroles Mom used to make that even the family dog turned its nose up at. Lol. This is a nice little “back to our roots” pimple poppin’ video. It will make you say “C’mon already, give it a GOOD squeeze!”, but unlike other videos that leave you hanging, this one delivers! Finally, right? Oh, and to make it a bit more special… its on her back. Yes, that’s right, some honest to goodness ripe bacne!!

So, three cheers for good old fashioned white-headed ready-to-go pimples!!! Bacne, bacne, bacne!

~ H.S.

“mucho pimple poppin” Uploaded by TomBoot on Jun 8, 2011

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