Removal of the Golden Earwax

Joy! We haven’t seen a good earwax removal video in quite awhile! Due to some strange combination of lighting, microscopic vision and reflection of the metal ear cup, the wax has a particularly pretty golden sheen to it.

Never thought I would call earwax “pretty”… but you’ll see what I mean.

Maybe he was mining for gold. Maybe this is where gold really comes from and the ENT’s are keeping it a huge secret. Gee, that would put a whole new spin on the historical California Gold Rush!

~ H.S.

Sidenote: This will be post 199! The next post will be the glorious 200th post I have shared with everyone! 🙂 I hope you have enjoyed each and every one! Hmm, gonna hafta find a REAL knock out for post 200, and spend some time writing my bestest intro. Weeee fun! lol

Earwax Removal Under the Microscope” orginally created and posted to YouTube by fauquierent on October 1, 2010.

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