3 Reasons How Getting Hormones Tested for Acne Helps

If you’re an adult woman still suffering from acne, stop looking for a miracle cure and immediately get your hormones tested for acne.

Hormones are directly liked to acne breakouts so it is very important to find out which of the hormones in your body are causing breakouts.

Trust me, I’ve spent years trying to find the perfect cure for pimples and the only thing worked for me was a test for hormones. It may seem like an expensive thing to do, but if nothing has worked for you in the past, there is a high chance this will turn things around for you.

3 Reasons To Get Your Hormones Tested for Acne Immediately

Still not convinced, here are my three big reasons for going this route.

A Hormone Test Will Save You Money

If you’re wondering how then just imagine for a second how much money have you spent on looking for the perfect cure for zits? For me, I spent thousands of dollars on various products, doctors, and other remedies. It all piles up quickly and by the time you realize, you’ve already spent a fortune.

A hormone test may cost you back a few hundred dollars, but if one of the hormones is responsible for your breakouts, you’ll at least know what to do about it. And it will ultimately fix a problem you’ve been trying to sort for years. 

Once you’ve found out what is wrong with your body, you can reshuffle your supplement drawer with stuff that will actually help you out and it will eventually cut back on future costs associated with the problem.

Hormone Tests Will Save You Time

Get hormones tested for acne and save yourself a lot of time
Get hormones tested for acne and save yourself a lot of time

I’ve seen a lot of women who believe in trial and error. They buy various products, go to doctors, get consultation and more. While this is a good way to troubleshoot your problem, trial and error will actually waste your time a lot.

By getting hormones tested for acne, you’ll immediately find where the trouble lies and then you can experiment on beating the problem. At least this way you will not have to waste all that time trying to figure out which product works best for you.

Just remember, every product has a timeline. You can’t expect to use something and see results immediately. For a product to show its full effectiveness, at least three weeks are needed. Now multiply those three weeks with the list of products you want to try and you’ll see exactly how much time you’ll need. Just don’t go down that road and do yourself a favor, get tested today!

A Hormone Test Will Give You Peace of Mind

With a million treatment options for acne, you’ll always be wondering what works best for you. You’ll be spending a lot of time on the internet looking for cures and listing them. And with a limited budget, it will just stress you out a lot.

Deep inside, you know that trying different things is only going to waste your time and money. And this will quickly become a matter of stress for you. This is why it is recommended to get hormones tested for acne as soon as you get the time.

Many dermatologists also recommend getting your hormones tested before trying out various cures. This is because acne breakouts in adult women are usually caused by hormonal imbalances, especially when you are going through the menstrual cycle. 

If you suspect things get really bad for you when you are nearing your cycle, then the culprit is a hormone for sure.


Getting a hormonal test for acne is very easy. Just visit your dermatologist and ask them to write down which specific tests you need to take. After that, find a lab, schedule an appointment, and get tested.

The results are provided to you the next day. These results should be taken back to the dermatologist to get a diagnosis. If something is indeed wrong with your hormones, a doctor will immediately provide you with the right supplementation and medicine. 

For me, this route has worked wonders. I spent years trying to look for the perfect cure only to find out that I had hormonal problems. Don’t make the mistake I made, go and get tested today. 

  • Natural ways to get rid of acne

    Acne is a common skin problem faced by many, usually during the onset of puberty. It is caused by changes in hormone levels. Puberty is a time when a child changes to an adult; this is accompanied by various changes in the secretions of sebaceous glands. Acne is formed when oils secreted by glands combine with dead skin cells to block the hair follicles. It is a common enough skin ailment, faced by many all over the world. However when disfiguring scars occur on the face, chest, back and upper arms, a person – especially one who feels confused and unsure at the onset of teenage – tends to feel depressed and diffident about his or her appearance.

    The most common form of acne is acne vulgaris or common acne, which is accompanied by the occurrence of red scars on the skin. There are expensive chemical treatments and face packs that can effectively control acne. There are also many natural ways to get rid of acne, which is more advantageous to the skin in the long run. Whatever the treatment, the point to remember is that acne is an infection caused by bacteria; therefore, all methods to get rid of acne must aim to kill or prevent the growth of the bacteria that causes the infection.

    When you think of skin problems, it always pays to think natural. Including plenty of water in your daily diet is the best among all the natural ways to get rid of acne. Water flushes out the harmful toxins from your body and eases up the digestive system. One should drink six to eight glasses of water a day. In the hot season, the amount of water intake must be increased.

    Speaking of the daily diet, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables daily. They also contain large amounts of water, which will keep your skin fresh and moisturized. Fruits and veggies also mean a lesser load on your digestive system. Natural herbs like Red Clover, Dandelion Root, Alfalfa and turmeric work wonders with acne.

    For people with naturally oily skin, cleanse your face with mild unscented soap, two to three times a day, to remove the excess oil and dirt. Applying a piece of ripe tomato or orange on the skin also reduces the occurrence of pimples. Lemon has natural antiseptic properties, which reduces the spread of bacterial infection. One word of caution when using this method is that you may suffer from slight skin irritations. Application of ice packs at regular intervals is also considered effective by many experts.

    Imbalances in hormone secretion can also be caused by an increase in stress or mental tensions. Daily workouts can not only keep you in shape, but they can also be ideal stress busters. Try dancing, aerobics or Yoga to fight stress and remain fit. After a stressful day at school, take a run around the park in the evening. It's a great way to help clear your head, lighten your heart and lift your mood.

    Getting a full night’s sleep and maintaining a healthy daily schedule are the other fail-safe natural ways to get rid of acne. Most importantly, don’t let a few scars on your visage affect the spring in your step or the sparkle in your eye. Think positively, do things that you love doing and remember that there is more to you than just your face.

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