Zits – What They Mean for Your Body Health

There’s nothing more annoying than waking up to painful zits. Most young people have been there, and it sucks. Any zit is unwanted, of course. But depending on the location of the zit, it might be letting you know something important.

Different areas can have different meanings, here are some reasons as to why you might have zits –

If They’re on Your Chin, It Could Mean a Hormonal Issue

Zits on the chin is caused by hormonal issues. It’s natural to see this come up a week or so before a menstrual period. This is due to the fluctuating estrogen levels. Hormonal issues can also be because of conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome and thyroid issues.

The best method of checking your hormonal levels is with a blood test, so if you have chin zits, it’s best to go to a doctor and have it checked out.

Zits on Your Jawline Could Mean Digestive Issues

If your digestive system starts to have issues, so will your jawline. Because of this, your stomach and intestines will need some care, to help with digestion it’s best to eat food that’s high in fiber, this will help you process your daily intake which in turn will fix your jawline zits.

Good foods are kimchi and yogurt, which are not only healthy but contain great amounts of fiber.

Zits on Your Nose Could Mean Liver Issues

Your nose is surprisingly linked to your liver, as an example, if you have a red nose it can be a sign that your liver is damaged from alcohol. If you get zits often on your nose, then there might be an issue with your liver.

If you’re drinking a ton and not consuming enough nutrients, then that may be the issue, if less alcohol doesn’t solve the issue, then contact your doctor to have your liver checked.

Pimples on Your Forehead Can Be Kidney Related

If you have a zit breakout on or near your forehead, your kidneys might have an issue.

This can be caused by dehydration, so it’s best to drink a lot of water if this ever occurs if you’re used to drinking sugary drinks throughout the day – stop! Replace it with water, you might be out of synch for the day, but the zits will eventually go away.

If you have zits in other areas like near the eyes or ears, it can signal a kidney problem. For females, zits can be caused by makeup, for males, it can be caused by hats. You can help this by cleaning your face at the end of every day.

Zits on Your Cheek Could Mean Lung Issues

Similar to your nose, your cheeks are also connected to a different body part, your lungs! They are connected due to breathing patterns, which is why they become red when exercising.

Smoking and pollution can also cause a zit breakout on your cheeks, a solution to this would be to wear a facemask in polluted areas, you should also make sure that the area where you sleep is cleaned regularly.

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