Why a Dermatologist Should Pop Your Zits

If you have zits and you’re about to try and pop them, wait! There might be a better solution (if you can afford it).

Popping your own zits can go wrong

If you squeeze your zits or other acne related spots, you need to perfect the ‘art’ of zit popping before consistently doing it, if done incorrectly, it can result in an infected area that will only get worse, side effects include

  • Permanent acne scar
  • Acne that’s more visible than before
  • Painful ache, it will hurt!
  • Infected areas

These side effects are likely when you try to pop your zit for the first time, if you push a zit incorrectly, it will go deeper into your skin and will lead to inflammation. This will result in acne that is noticed more often.

When you pop them yourself, you also risk getting infections from bacteria, we recommend getting a dermatologist if you don’t have experience.

Why get a dermatologist?

They know how to remove acne/zits quickly and effectively

Dermatologists will use various techniques to get rid of acne/zits. One of them is called acne extraction, which uses sterile objects to remove blackheads and whiteheads.

This service is usually offered when everything else has failed, it’s never the first choice due to the cost and time it takes.

Most of the time, an injection is good to treat a uniquely painful zit, but it cannot be used to treat an acne outbreak, due to the side effects that come with multiple injections.

To remove a large zit, a dermatologist will you a procedure called incision and drainage, which requires a sterile needle to open the zit and remove what’s inside.

What to expect from a dermatologist

You can expect it to work, that’s for sure! When you wait for your skin to clear, you might have the feeling to pop a zit or two, don’t do it! This will delay the dermatologist’s work and might bring back an infection.

There are 3 simple tips for clearing zits from your face –

  1. Keep your hands away from your face
  2. Use ice to prevent pain
  3. Treat the acne with medicine, you can get this from your dermatologist or your local pharmacy.

However tempting it is, it’s best to leave it to the professionals until you’ve mastered the ‘art’ of zit popping.

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