Here’s How to Pop Zits like a Professional

Have you ever wondered how you should pop zits safely? We’ve all been in that scenario. When you have a zit, you want to pop it, even though you know it’s not the best way to treat it, and It looks worse than if you just left it alone.

There are effective ways to pop zits, so if you really want to do it, then follow our guide –

Has It Just Come Up?

A general rule for popping zits is that if it has recently come up, it’s a terrible idea to try popping it – this is due to the blemish, it might not be ready for popping.

If there are no whiteheads on your skin, then you shouldn’t try to pop it as you’ll damage the tissue around the infected area, which will cause a viral breakout.

Don’t Pop Zits with Force

If the zit won’t pop, then it won’t pop. Don’t try and force it to come out – leave it until it’s ready. If you force it, the surrounding tissue will become inflamed and can give scarring, your face will look worse, don’t do it!

Keep Your Skin Clean

If you’re trying to avoid zits from coming up, then it’s important to stay refreshed and clean. If you’re trying to pop your zit, you should wash your hands thoroughly to get rid of any bacteria/germs.

Remember to Use Tissue After You Pop Zits

When popping your zit, make sure that you have something to catch the excess materials that will come out of It. Tissues are your best bet or a professional ache tool like a comedone extractor.

Squeeze It Gently

If you really want to try and pop it, you can gently squeeze it with your fingers. Squeeze it lowly and in different areas to try and get it out. If nothing comes out, then you should leave it alone. Never force a zit to be popped!

If you succeed it popping your zit, make sure that it’s well covered and/or a spot treatment to help repair the skin, infection is easier when the skin is broken, don’t risk it!

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