Cystic Acne and Side Effects

This kind of cystic acne is really damaging.
First the pore gets plugged. Then an infection develops behind the plug.
As the infection grows and the area swells, it breaks the capillaries (tiny blood vessels) around the pore causing blood to pool.
Ideally, the plug is removed before the blood begins pooling, but at this point, it just looks a deep pink and is tender to touch.
If there are multiple infected pores near each other, and each has a pool of blood, the pools will join up and blood has a larger pocket to fill. When there is a lot of blood collecting, the skin looks purple.
Adding to the problem – anytime blood is outside a blood vessel, the body rejects it as an irritant. Blood outside a blood vessel causes irritation and swelling. So these pools of blood cause more pressure so more capillaries break and more blood pools.
If you look at this fellow, on his left cheek, he has a bulge of purple near his jaw line. Gravity is pulling the blood from other parts of his face to pool at the bottom.
To heal this, first, the plugs need to be removed so the infection can be drained from the pores.
The pores need to be squeezed so the infection comes out. The pocket around the pore that is full of blood has to be squeezed too to drain off all the blood that is irritating and causing swelling. All of this has to happen so the capillaries can heal. Drainage has to happen over and over so the pockets dry up and the bleeding stops. At the same time new plugs have to be cleared out and infections have to be drained.
At home treatments could include a warm wet cloth dipped in salty water (water with salt, but not so salty that you can taste the salt) to draw out the infection). Lay the cloth over the face. The heat will open the pores. The damp will soften the skin, and the damp with salt will draw the infection by osmosis.
Then pat the skin dry. Never use hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol on any open wound! Closed skin only when you are going to cut into the skin. Apply a topical antibiotic, or sweet almond oil with a drop of tea tree (melaluca) oil in it. One or the other, both of these will kill bacteria and prevent infection on all of the areas that were bleeding.
Daily cleaning with a gentle cleanser (not soap, no antibacterial soap or cleaning wipes) each morning and a daily check to remove new plugs (very clean hands or gloves and clean tools) and drain new infection and blood making each pocket as flat as possible followed by warm, damp cloth and antibacterial treatment.
Also a B vitamin supplement will be helpful with all of the blood loss.

  • 5 Surprising Ways To Cure Acne

    For as long as I can remember, I have been an acne sufferer. I have tried many ways to cure acne in the past and have learned quite a few things about how you can deal with persistent pimple breakouts.

    I fought with acne for 5 long years looking for various cures and whatnot. Back in the day, my face was always covered with itchy, red, and irritated whiteheads and cyst-like acne. My confidence and self-esteem went downhill and I suffered both mentally and physically.

    Things were so bad for me that I could not even date in college. Everyone used to call me names and I couldn’t bring myself to talk to anyone. I had very few friends because of this and was always drawn back. Spending most of the time in my room, I finally decided to take the step and fight back.

    Over the past 5 years, I have tried many ways to control my acne problem and I have found out a few surprising methods to cure acne. If you’ve tried everything, give these a shot and you’ll actually see a difference.

    5 Surprising Ways to Cure Acne For Good

    Chemical Detoxifying

    You’ll be shocked to know that our skin is exposed to more than 300 chemicals in a day. Whether it's through the environment, or through skincare and makeup products such as cleansers, toothpaste, face creams, candles, and more, your skin is suffering every day. And it certainly doesn’t help cure acne.

    Not only these chemicals promote cancer, but they can also contribute to acne. To make sure your skin is not exposed to chemicals, I recommend going with the caveman regimen.

    Try to use only oils, aloe, and hazel for makeup removing, and don’t formally wash your face. When you arrive from the gym with sweat all over your face, only use moisturization. Limit the exposure of products on your face and it helps. 

    When you stop putting chemicals on your skin, it helps protect it from free radical and other environmental damage. And you’ll soon experience less and less acne.

    Oral Health

    If you have a root canal, get it sorted out immediately. The more time the dead tooth stays in your jaw, the more infected it will get and the more likely you’ll to get a cyst there. And when this happens, your immune system is constantly fighting the infection while ignoring other parts of your body. 

    If your immune system doesn’t get the rest it needs, you’ll actually see more acne popping up on your skin than usual.

    On top of that, make sure you are drinking a lot of water and flossing your teeth at least once a day. Because a lot of bacteria live in the mouth, it can often spread around the surrounding skin causing acne. 

    Diet and Exercise

    Regular Exercise and healthy diet can cure acne
    Regular Exercise and healthy diet can cure acne

    If anyone tells you that acne does not come from a bad diet, just do yourself a favor and ignore what they have to say. Sure diet doesn’t play a direct role in causing acne, but it can definitely help cure acne. 

    For example, if you eat a lot of sugar, it overwhelms your liver forcing the skin to detox the body. This throws your hormonal balance into chaos which then impacts your mood, stress and depression levels.

    You need to make sure you have a clean and clear diet if you want to enjoy clean skin free of acne. If you can’t get past your craving for sugar, simply use honey, coconut milk, or almond flour to rest your cravings.

    Being active also plays a huge role. It is an amazing stress reliever and we all know how stress impacts the skin. 

    Supplements and Essential Oils

    Supplements and essential oils can really help with your skin health. Supplements help in providing your body with the necessary nutrition it requires to function properly. Some supplements such as Vitamin A have powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities which helps prevent breakouts.

    If you’ve never tried introducing supplements to your diet, here are 5 that actually work. Use these as a part of your healthy diet to promote good digestive system and better skin health. 

    Spinal Alignments

    Want to give a boost to your immune system? Try visiting your chiropractor once. People who suffer from bone and joint pain should regularly get chiropractic care because these parts of your body are surrounded by a very precious nervous system.

    If things don’t flow well from these areas, it can massively impact your immune system. So try and go for chiropractic care at least once a month and you’ll see how good your immune system gets. A good immune system can automatically cure acne. 

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