OMG – We Don’t Have This One in the Archives?!?

I have to admit, I am rather embarr**ZIT**ed about the whole thing. This video came out a year ago, right about the time that Emil was training me to do the behind the scenes sorting, editing, and posting submissions. Since then, every time I see it come up on YT, I usually give it a play because it is just so durn cool! Plus, it is a Part Two.

OK, so right about now, you should be shaking your head, rolling your eyes, and muttering “What the zit, Halph – just tell us what vid you’re prattling on about!”

Without further ado, but with many apologies that somehow this slipped through the cracks, may I present… (Hey, TC! Gimme a simulated drumroll please!)…

KSP 剥がし中 02.avi!… oh wait, I don’t think everyone will recognize that right off… let’s try again, shall we? Yes, yes, alright. 😉

“Never ending Biore’-strip w/ Blackheads!!” Part 2! (It’s also known as “Super Close Up Biore Strip”, because it is sooooo good, we have it twice! lol) Actually, I think the fact that we had the first one in the Archives two times, perhaps it was **ZIT**umed that they were 1 and 2, not 1 and 1 again…

I’m gonna shuddup now and let you enjoy the video. Have fun! And again – my apologies that this one slipped through the crackers!

“Good to the Last Pop…”
~ H.S.

KSP 剥がし中 02.avi
Uploaded to YouTube by KSP9876 on Jan 10, 2011

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