One Finger Pushes Buttons – TWO Fingers SQUEEZE Pus…

…but oh well, at least the pus comes out, right? The original **ZIT**le is “Pushin’ out MRSA”, and the wound that the pus flows out of looks like a typical MRSA hole. And for only one finger, eh, not bad!

PTZ is long overdue to create the definitive guide to “Popping Everything!”, with step by step instructional videos. Except it would be difficult to find the right actors. He he he – I can see the ad in the trade papers now…

Actors and Actresses Needed for Do**ZIT**entary/Educational Video Series. No prepared monologue needed – only requirement is to have one of the following: Cystic Acnes, Bacne, Sebaceous Cysts or related types of Cysts, Boils (Carnucles/Furuncles), Blackheads, MRSA or Staph infections… or any other pustulant growth considered.

Oh yeah. That would garner us the weirdest waiting room full of pus the US has ever seen.

Do we run auditions “American Idol” style? I’m Paula!!!! lol

I’ll just stop there… any further and I’m going to pee my pants!!!

~ H.S.

Pushin’ out MRSA” Uploaded to YouTube by 5mokingCatnip on May 4, 2011

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